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Ido Samuel


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The Hollywood Reporter

Ido Samuel Dishes on Hulu Show ‘We Were the Lucky Ones’ | THR Video


The Jewish Journal

Celebrating a Decade of Dedication: Actor’s Journey to Success in Hollywood

Deadline Hollywood

‘We Were The Lucky Ones’: Ido Samuel Join Hulu Series.

Samuel will plays Isaac. A loyal friend, he tries to help Mila (Yaron) and her young daughter Felicia escape the ghetto, but his effectiveness—and his relationship with the Kurc family—is painfully tested by his role in the Jewish Police.

Shoutout LA

October 05, 2020

AT Large Magazine

May 06, 2019

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Bleu Magazine

May 03, 2019

TV and City

April 24, 2019

Times Square Chronicles

April 22, 2019

Fairfax Times

January 01, 2020

Film Threat - Review Dirty Bomb

June 13, 2018

"Much of this credit should go to the actors, particularly Samuel. Even though the concentration camp initially looks like a fenced-in warehouse on a backroad, Samuel and the actors around him give the foreground enough believability to supplement the background. Samuel’s eyes show a brokenness, but also great determination, and it’s those eyes that come to summarize the film."


June 11, 2018

Mogul - Review Dirty Bomb in Cannes

May 16, 2018

"It took seconds before the crowd raised from their seats, one by one, for a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival. Sitting first row was the leading actor in the movie, Ido Samuel, known as a rising star in the film industry"

Voiage LA

January 01, 2020

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July 24, 2018

Page 100-101 

Double Talk

July 02, 2018

Holocaust film ‘Dirty Bomb’ star Ido Samuel: “Everything can happen again if you won’t act against it”

Film Corner review

June 06, 2019

 "I also got in touch with the extraordinary, Israeli lead actor Ido Samuel, who’s performance was  gripping and heartbreaking and literally brought me to tears!"


May 14, 2018

Israeli Actor Ido Samuel Makes Himself At Home In Hollywood’s Indie Film Community

Broadway World

March 14, 2018

Ido Samuel Does Star Turn In MY COUSIN Debuting At Santa Barbara Jewish Film Festival Sunday

The C Magazine

January 01, 2020

Ido Samuel, star of ‘Dirty Bomb,’ discusses emotional role playing Holocaust prisoner


January 01, 2020

CBS news covered the shooting of the film "Dirty Bomb"

Fox News

January 01, 2020

FOX news covered the shooting of the film "Dirty Bomb"

Radio Interview KUCI

January 01, 2020

Janeane spoke with Israeli actor, Ido Samuel, about his role in the powerful film, Dirty Bomb

Vents magazine

January 02, 2016

Check out Ido Samuel's feature with Vents magazine.

VENTS Magazine 54th issue (pages 24-25)

RPP's Interview

December 13, 2015

"Ido Samuel grew up on dreams of coming to America.  It was not easy for the Israeli actor to leave his family and comfort behind for a new life, but when he finally seized the opportunity he nailed it.  Best known for playing Yossi in the 2012 Sony Classics film, Fill the Void, Ido loves the way that acting allows him to express himself.  With two films on the burner - a lead in Introducing Jodea and the indie film The Spark with Abigail Breslin - Ido is certainly following his bliss."

NALUDA Magazine

January 07, 2016

Ido's interview with NALUDA Magazine

Popcorn Talk

January 01, 2020

ITalk movies is a long-form interview series featuring leading members of the film community. In this episode, our host Zoe Hewitt interviews Ido Samuel in studio

Actors Anonymous Podcast

May 24, 2016

Ido's interview with Actors Anonymous Podcast

Film Talk Podcast

May 12, 2016

Ido's interview with Film Talk.


December 17, 2015

"The name Ido Samuel may not be the name that pops into your mind when you think of Hollywood just yet, but I guarantee it will soon. From short films and an Israeli Academy Award winning film “Fill the Void”, Ido Samuel is now making his way to American pop culture. His upcoming role in “Introducing Jodea” is going to help solidify his position as one to watch! We got the opportunity to talk with this incredibly talented man about his upcoming projects. These are some you will not want to miss."

Last Call with Chris Connor

May 31, 2016

The big scoop with Coop

June 17, 2016

"Fill The Void" Interview on the red carpet at the London Film Festival

October 22, 2012

Day 7 of the 56th BFI London Film Festival was in full swing as Premiere Scene's Rachel Mullins and William MacLaughlan interview screenwriter / director Rama Burshtein and actors Ido Samuel and Irit Sheleg about the coming of age story of an Orthodox Jewish girl.


Israeli Campaign To Prevent Kidnapping Of Soldiers

November 09, 2012

Ido was chosen to act in this nationwide camapign sponsored by the Israeli government to prevent the kidnapping of soldiers. for the full story read the article at The Israeli National News

EDB article

March 16, 2012

״הסרט הישראלי "ערים" של פז אדרי ממכללת ספיר התקבל לפסטיבל הפנטסיה אימג'ין 2013 (ה-29 במספר) באמסטרדם, הולנד. זהו סרט הגמר של אדרי במכללה.

הסרט עוסק בחלומות ואיך הפחדים שאנחנו מדחיקים בחיים באים לידי ביטוי בחלומות שלנו. אורן (עידו סמואל, "למלא את החלל") הוא חייל אשר חששותיו מהחלפת הבסיס הצבאי שלו פולשים אל חלומותיו. בת-זוגו (דניאל ג'יידלין, "ילדי ראש הממשלה") מתמודדת עם אובדן אחותה בפיגוע לפני כ-10 שנים, בתוך חלומותיה.״


June 07, 2016

Today the FadCast ventures abroad as we are joined by 2 Actor Ido Samuel to explore foreign films and the impact they have on the American film industry.bout? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...


January 01, 2020

Interview with TURNABOUT  Media


January 01, 2020

"Fill the Void" red carpet premiere at London Film Festival

Flick Picks Podcast

January 01, 2020

interview with Israeli actor, Ido Samuel.

The Richy Show

January 01, 2020

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