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Ido Samuel


The Divide




































Ido is playing the lead character Kobi (19), is about to get an excellence award in his Training Completion ceremony at the Army. His Family live in a Settlement near Nablus, and oppose serving in the IDF. During his weekend visit, Kobi invites his family to the Ceremony. To his surprise, he finds out that his family will be evacuated and his house is intended for destruction, as the army will come to dismantle the settlement as part of the peace process. Kobi must choose between his family and his ideal of serving in the army.





































Director: Tzvi-Yehuda Herling

Co-Stars: Amos Lavi, Esti Zakhaim, Mai Sela

Israel 2011

Festivals and awards-San Diego International Jewish Film FestivalLouisville International Jewish Film Festival“Judges favorite movie award” winner at Maale 2011









                                                                    Stiles from the movie 














































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The film

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